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Safekeepers Phone bag - belt bag - Neck bag - men's neck bag - women's neck bag - phone bags - men's belt bag

Safekeepers Phone bag - belt bag - Neck bag - men's neck bag - women's neck bag - phone bags - men's belt bag

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Why carry your phone in your pocket and the risk of losing your smartphone? This handy phone bag can be used as a neck bag and belt bag. The phone bag is suitable for Iphone 13 plus or Samsung S22 and passport! Take your phone, passport and money with you easily and safely with this leather phone bag from Safekeepers


  • Neck bag is suitable for Iphone 14 or Samsung S22
  • Belt bag & Neck bag in one. Both cord on neck or with belt loop and Belt loop is suitable for belts up to . 4 cm. wide
  • 4 compartments - Cards, coins, smartphone, bills, public transport card
  • Adjustable cord up to. 60CM.
  • Chest bag is made of genuine leather, which makes it feel nice on the bare chest. So also good to wear under your clothes
  • The neck bag is Anti-Skimm protected by the RFID Protection
  • Can be worn as a neck bag and belt bag. Belts of 4 cm fit. through the belt loop. Bag dimensions: 17 x 12.5 x 1 CM
  • Brand: Safekeepers

    Safekeepers phone bags & belt bags

    You should not think about your phone, money and passport being stolen or simply lost during your vacation. This can be prevented with the leather neck bag from Safekeepers.

    Neck bag from Safekeepers

    The neck bag offers enough space to store the large latest mobile phones. Designed in such a way that it can also take cards, coins, public transport card and passport. Ideal as a travel wallet. Made of soft cowhide leather.
  • Why a leather neck bag?

    The leather feels wonderfully soft on the skin if you want to wear the neck bag under clothing. The bag is universal and suitable for men and women. Tired of the neck bag around your neck? Then slide it seamlessly onto your belt and use the Safekeepers as a belt bag.

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