Collection: Belts

Welcome to Safekeepers Belts. We offer a large selection of quality belts. With more than 50 years of experience in the belt industry, we guarantee quality. Whether you are looking for a stylish belt for a special occasion, a casual look, or a luxurious finish, you will find what you are looking for at Safekeepers belts.

Our collection consists of men's belts, women's belts, money belts, canvas belts - coupling belts, automatic belts, tactical belts and loose buckles.

Safekeepers money belt

Sakeepers specializes in safe travel and with a high-quality money belt, we guarantee minimal risk of pickpocketing. Outsmart every pickpocket with Safekeepers' well-thought-out money belts.

Money belt men and women

The money belts are real unisex belts and can therefore be worn as both women's and men's belts.

Questions about the money belt? Contact us: +31(0)314 74 50 44